May 22nd, 2015.

Lillie just happened to stumble into my life from a Facebook post. A friend of mine had posted a free 4 month old puppy that was in need of a home. My boyfriend and I had just gotten a puppy of our own, Chloe, and right away I thought that she could use a friend.​ I told my boyfriend that she needed help and he said I could go get her as long as I found her a home. I messaged the girl and she told me that I could go pick her up that evening. I was excited! Little did I know what I was getting myself into. I pulled into the apartment complexes and sat with the truck running waiting for the owners to bring her out. She carried Lillie out in her arms and she looked so small and petite. The owner tossed Lillie into my truck window and she whined and yelped. I had asked what was wrong with her and she said that she had injured her leg a while ago but that it was better. I then proceeded to ask if they had puppy food for her to which the owner openly admitted to not being able to afford dog food so instead they were feeding her Hot-Pockets. I was so sick to my stomach. Lillie lived in a crate. She had rarely seen grass or been outdoors. I gathered what little things they did have for her and went on my way. I held her in my lap the whole way home rubbing her and telling her that she was safe now. When I got her home and finally got her on the ground she was not using her back right leg at all. My sister and I took her to the vet first thing in the morning to get x-rays done. Turns out she had a clean break but the break had happened so long ago that it was already healing back together incorrectly. They had to put her to sleep to re-break her leg and then cast it so it could begin to heal correctly. Her teeth were rotting due to lack of nutrients. Once we got her home we knew it would be a long healing process. Lillie had the worst anxiety any time I would leave her. If I was going somewhere that Lillie was able to go, she was always right beside me. She never let the cast stop her, she still ran around and playing with the other dogs and finally started acting like a puppy should. She had her cast on for about 8 weeks and boy was she happy to have it removed! Her leg healed nicely and you would never even know that it was ever broken! Once being cleared by the vet to be adopted, she was posted and quickly had interest in her. She was adopted in August 2015 but then returned within a couple weeks due to her high energy levels and anxiety. She was the adopted again a few weeks later and is now in her furever home with her human sister, two human brothers, a fur sister, and her human mom and dad. Her transformation was incredible and I am so happy to have been apart of her life and be the reason that she ended up where she is today. Ever since Lillie was in my life I knew that I found a purpose. The whole time I thought that I had saved her, but I now realize that she saved me.

- Christa Dean

President of Valley Rescue of Virginia